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Naja Diamond Ring

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The Naja diamond ring is the perfect symbol of divine femininity. The naja, also known as an inverted crescent, represents the hearth, the womb, and the center of all creation. The diamond in the center represents the seed of creation, the power and magic that lives within the temples of all women. You can channel this creative life force energy into anything you desire. Whether you're looking for a powerful symbol to wear everyday or you want to propose to your partner with a uniquely romantic gesture, the Naja diamond ring is a beautiful way to show your dedication to creating your own destiny.


  • 14k yellow gold
  • 0.3 ct conflict free white diamond
  • 15 mm mother of pearl shell
  • size 7
  • one of a kind

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  • Sculptress offers a 3 month warranty period on all jewelry designs excluding normal wear and tear
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